23-24 AUGUST, 2019

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In a nutshell

ELFIT Beach Warriors is a team’s competition by the beach. It’s the ultimate test of team-work where a team of 4 (3 main + 1 sub) will play over 2 days in a fun back to basics theme competition on August 23rd- 24th, 2019 in one of the most beautiful places in the world: The North Coast, Egypt.  


The story

ELFIT Beach warriors is an event under the umbrella of ELFIT, the mother brand. The concept is not new. We got inspired by an European event that has had countless events throughout the years. The Back to Basics concept is super exciting for us as it’s kind of what ELFIT started as back in 2013, and we’re happy to be re-launching it but this time with a twist


Back to basics

100kg snatch? Nah we are not interested in that here. ELFIT Beach Warriors competition.  is pure fitness; There are no complex movements, using non-fancy mostly primitive equipment. Workouts don’t include any barbells, air bikes, kettlebells, rowers, or med balls…etc. It’s more of ropes, logs, sandbags & other things you’re most likely to find in nature. The beauty of the back to basics concept is that it suits all fitness levels & anyone can take part in. Teams should be ready for any physical as well as mental challenges.

The North Coast

Egypt is known for its good weather and its amazing beaches. North Coast “Sahel” is one of the top summer destinations for all Egyptians that a lot of non- Egyptians probably are not aware of. The North Coast aka “Sahel” is one of the top favored summer destinations for local citizens and expats due to its strategic location on the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s known for its cool summer climate, strikingly turquoise water and its soft sands.



    Who can join

    Whether you are a Crossfitter (from rookies to elite athletes), you’re a runner, a triathlete, like to lift weights at the gym or even enjoy an occasional Vinyasa on the mat, this event is for you. Anyone and everyone who is into sports can join this fun & thrilling event.

    You don’t have to be a weightlifter but you are required to carry, pull and throw some objects. No need to be a swimmer, but you just need enough skills to survive in the water. It’s still tough but fun. Beginners might not make it to the top of the leaderboard but they will definitely get out of their comfort zone, see how they stack up against others and enjoy the challenge & the overall experience.

    Team Spirit

    Going beyond the regular fitness competitions, ELFIT Beach Warriors will awaken your inner warrior. Once you & your teammates register you’ll officially become Warriors with all its glory. Being in a team automatically makes you work a thousand times harder. The support, the cheering, the motivation, will definitely make you push harder than ever. You’ll go the extra mile because you know your team got your back. It’s a team’s competition that’s bound to get you up & moving and get you out of your comfort zone!

    Divisions & Competition Format

    ELFIT Beach Warrior has only 2 divisions; Males’ only teams & Mixed teams There are no other recognized  divisions beyond those listed below unless announced on the event’s official accounts.

    There are 2 different divisions:
    1- Males only Team 

       • Each Males Team can have up to 4 male athletes in their roaster
       • During competition in each workout only 3 athletes will be allowed to       compete

    2- Mixed Team (at least 1 male & 1 female)

       • Each Mixed Team can have up to 4 athletes in their roaster (2 males &        2 females)
       • During competition in each workout only 3 athletes will be allowed to       compete in any format (2M +1F or 2F + 1M)

    Competition Rules book can be found HERE

    Accommodation & Travel To North Coast

    The North Coast is about 100kms (1hr drive) from Alexandria and Borg El Arab International Airport, while its about 350km (3 hrs drive) from Cairo.

    The North Coast has plenty of accommodation options including hotel,s apartments and chalets.


    More details about the accommodation and transportation to the event venue will be announced very soon




      Registration will be online through competition corner.  Registration will close on Thursday August 8th, 2019, or upon reaching full capacity

      There are no qualifiers for the event, this event is on a first come – first serve basis, so spots are really limited.  Once we reach the maximum capacity registration will automatically close.

      • Early Bird: 160$ /Team (24 June – 4 July)
      • Normal: 220$ /Team (5 July – 1 August)
      • Late: 280 $ /Team (2 August – 8 August)

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