ELFIT is a brand that grew in its own unique way. Like all endeavors: it started as an idea, developed through the years to become one of the biggest international fitness competitions in the meridian region. ELFIT gained a lot of recognition over the years & became an important date on many athletes’ & spectators’ calendars.

What we thought was a mere event with a small community became a nation from athletes to judges to family members, friends, guests, and spectators all joined in a one of a kind experience.

Building on the huge success of ELFIT & the brand loyalty we’ve decided to launch a series of events with different concepts & themes all under the umbrella of ELFIT to appeal to other segments who were not engaged.




Inspired by the global fitness movement, We held the first ever Fitness competition in Egypt, The result was staggering, More than 300 athletes and 1000 spectators, It was awesome, but we never planned it to continue.

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Our vision changed completely, it became structural, intense and certainly more fun so everyone could jump in. We discovered such a blazing passion we didn’t know existed. We had more than 250 athletes and for the first time we had athletes flying to Cairo to join the competition with more than 1,500 audience, So more recognition, more success…

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The event was taken to a whole new level, spread to more cities, middle eastern countries and introduced new categories so more people can join us. The sea of participation and attendance made us thrilled and definitely more determined…

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2016 marked a huge triumph. Athletes, judges & spectators from 23 different nationalities participated where more than 70 flew in specifically in Egypt to join the competition. More than 370 athletes compete ting at the finals and more than 2000 chanting & cheering. The spirit was beyond amazing. What we thought was a community became a nation from athletes, to judges, to family, friends, and guests, spectators all joined in. An overwhelming energy that is undeniably strong.

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2017 brought with it plenty of new experiences, new athletes and new level of the competition was reached.

The presence of 40+ nationalities brought the competition to a new stepping stone where we were forced to expand and grow to reach the same level of competitions and international ones.

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 Our first season out of Cairo, the experience was unimaginable, the view was gorgeous, the vibes were so much better than we expected! 22-24 November, 2018 marked a huge truimph, where a huge community of athletes, including games & regional athletes. 1500+ fans, friends & family came together to celebrate fitness & wellbeing. 60 winners from 14 divisions earned their title taking home total prizes of 32k+ $

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For the first time ElFIT was held in Bharain, Throwdown Bahrain 2019 Finals was powered by Crossfit Unlimited Plus that was held in Bahrain, from the 12-14 December 2019. This year was massive for ELFIT as it was also announced as an official Crossfit®️ sanctioned event.

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This year ELFIT is taking it literally to the next level.

Being a sanctioned event, and having our athletes potentially qualifying to The Crossfit® Games, has given us a boost to give you an experience that you’re bound to remember for a LONG time.

Online qualifiers were announced and athletes were ready for the Final. But unfortunately the event was canceled due to Covid-19.


ELFIT CrossFit Championship 2021 was definitely a year to remember since it was a come back from COVID and first year to be done at the amazing facility New Capital Sports City.  Athletes gave their all & pushed beyond their limits on the competition floor, the sound of the roaring crowd and the whole community gathered under one huge roof was an indescribable feeling!

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ELFIT CrossFit ®️Championship 2022 our 10th edition was a unique experience to our athletes, organizers & spectators. It was the biggest edition yet, for up to 1,500 competing athletes, more than 400 organizers, and up to 3,000 people chanting and cheering, the spirit was beyond amazing!

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