This event is for the growing Calisthenics community that features power & strength categories.  This event puts a tremendous spotlight on bar moves and skills. Competition is always tight, and you can oftentimes see some of the grandmasters of the bar at work. 

ELFIT Calisthenics is back in its 2nd edition in which it will be part of ELFIT Sports & Fitness Games that will be held at the New Capital Sports City from 16-18 November 2023. 


The event will be featured alongside 16 other sports. ELFIT Calisthenics is organized by ELFIT Fitness Events and In The Zone Sports.


POWER:  1 rep-max in (Muscle-ups/Dips/Pull-ups/Squats)

STRENGTH:  3 Tests in three different rounds, starting with a qualification round, athletes will be ranked based on their score in this workout, a knock out round will be a one on one knock out format, winner will qualify to the final round which will also be a one on one knock out round


-Individual Males 

-Individual Females

* All Registration fees are final and non-refundable 

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