The most important part of the wheel that gets our events rolling:

Our amazing volunteers

Join us for in the ELFIT Throwdown in Bahrain volunteering team for a chance to experience ELFIT up-close, being part of all its details and being part of an experience you won’t forget.

The event will be in December 13-14 in Marassi Beach, Kingdom of Bahrain.

* Volunteers are required to be available for the 2 days.

Volunteers obligatory briefing will happen on Thursday the 12th of December, exact time and location will be shared soon.

Please note that the registration and assignment of all volunteers is a process that will take time to complete, so we appreciate your patience.

Completion of the registration process does not guarantee you have been selected as a Volunteer. You will all be given official notification via email regarding the decision.

If you have any questions please contact volunteers@inthezone-sports.com


Current Event

Volunteers Benefits

Volunteers will receive at least the following for their commitment to the event:

T-shirt on the day of the event

  • Free meal on the day of the event
  • Free water and snack on the day of the event
  • Sponsor’s vouchers & giveaways (if applicable)
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • An amazing experience and great memories with the fitness community 



Volunteers Selection Process

When selecting volunteers, we are looking for the following (among other considerations):

  • Applicants with sports background 
  • Experience and attendance at other live events, sports competitions and certifications
  • Availability to work and attend the meetings assigned by the Team Leader.
  • All Selected Volunteers must attend the Orientation and task assignment.

Available Teams

  1. Competition Control:

This team is in charge of all competition control details including all event data, competition flow, athletes heat check-in/check-out and scoring.


  1. Equipment Team:

This team is in charge of all competition equipment, all competition venue needs, including gear sets and changes, equipment placement and all aspects of equipment related to the competition venues


  1. Judges:

This team is in charge of judging Athletes. To apply you must have taken the Crossfit’s Open Judges course and experience in judging previous events.


  1. Delta Team:

This is the team for the unforeseen needs, The team is the event backup team handling known and unknown needs covering off-site event logistic needs, the team is also in charge of Emergency Action Plan management.


  1. Event Team:

This team is in charge of all sponsors, partners & exhibitors handling all the needed communication and coordination during the event as well as all event visual signage and branding displays. As well as the event access restriction, security, and internal gates access


  1. Entertainment & Ceremony Team:

This team is in charge of the final awards ceremony and all event entertainment programs including DJ, Music, MC..etc


  1. Media Team (Social Media, Photography & Videography) 

The Media Team is in charge of supporting all ELFIT media needs; including social media, live coverage, content writing and camera support (Videography/Photography). This is a very limited access team.

*Applicants must bring their own phones/cameras.

* Social Media Team must have a good writing background and should be talented in taking good pictures with phone


  1. Staff Services Team:

This team is in charge of supporting and fulfilling the needs of the event’s team members. Tasks include ensuring availability of the event’s support equipment, food and beverage services, supply accountability and radio communication.


  1. Medical Team:

This team is in charge of the medical care of the athletes and staff’s, Medical services include but are not limited to all acute traumatic events, serious illness or injuries. * You must enter your experience in the “Certifications and Previous Experience” section.