ELFIT is a brand that grew in its own unique way. Like all endeavors: it started as an idea, developed through the years to become one of the biggest international fitness competitions in the meridian region. ELFIT gained a lot of recognition over the years & became an important date on many athletes’ & spectators’ calendars.

What we thought was a mere event with a small community became a nation from athletes to judges to family members, friends, guests, and spectators all joined in a one of a kind experience.

Our Story

When we first introduced the first fitness competition back in 2013 there were only 3 Crossfit facilities in Egypt, and the idea of Fitness competitions was nonexistent. Since then, countless fitness facilities have opened in Egypt, and the athletes’ standards has grown along with the competition; opening new markets and new demands every day. Today we can loudly & proudly say that ELFIT has played a pivotal role in increasing awareness about fitness & health in Egypt. 

Our Way Forward

Building on the huge success of ELFIT & the brand loyalty we’ve decided to launch a series of events with different concepts & themes all under the umbrella of ELFIT to appeal to other segments who were not engaged.

Our Timeline 












 Our first season out of Cairo, the experience was unimaginable, the view was gorgeous, the vibes were so much better than we expected! 22-24 November, 2018 marked a huge truimph, where a huge community of athletes, including games & regional athletes. 1500+ fans, friends & family came together to celebrate fitness & wellbeing. 60 winners from 14 divisions earned their title taking home total prizes of 32k+ $.


This year was special for us. No event was held but ELFIT was announced as an official Crossfit® sanctioned event.


 This year ELFIT is taking it literally to the next level.

Being a sanctioned event, and having our athletes potentially qualifying to The Crossfit® Games, has given us a boost to give you an experience that you’re bound to remember for a LONG time.

More info will be announced soon.

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